Valve doesn’t have to learn to count to three

Why wait for Valve to learn to count to three? With the Unreal engine, we can start anew and count to infinity!

 – Gregory B. Jackson

So all these people keep wanting to slam Valve for not being able to move on to a third installment of their games. They never released Half Life II Episode 3. They never developed Half Life III, etc.

After all this time, and considering the fact that all of the key people responsible for the Half Life IP have long since left Valve, does anyone seriously believe that even if Valve were to go ahead and produce these titles that they would be anywhere near the quality of their predecessors? The corporate game development landscape has changed so much since we last got an official Half Life title. We would likely get a half-baked game empty of heart and soul while loaded with the same political narratives and microtransactions that plague corporate-developed games these days.

As the title says, we don’t NEED to wait for Valve to learn to count to three. We can grab the Unreal Engine, come up with out own IP in the spirit of Half Life, and then build it.

By “We,” I mean the gaming community. This is not a project that is in any position to undertake. We’re just two people and we’ve got our hands full with our own projects. I just keep coming across comments about Valve not knowing how to count to three, and just wanted to throw this out there.

One need not spend very much time at all searching the internet to find new and awesomely talented artists who are looking for an opportunity to work on something that could earn the recognition they need to jump-start their career. And there are new people every day who begin their journey learning the Unreal Engine. And there is no shortage of people dreaming of the day Valve finally learns to count to three.

So what might happen if, from where these three groups overlap, a small but dedicated team were to form, taking it upon themselves to travel the road that Valve seems unwilling or incapable of taking, in spite of having an IP that is ideal for taking it, and an audience with a deep desire to go on the journey.

I would like to think that such a team would garner resentment at the start from those who feel that Anyone other than Valve attempting to do a Half-Life-type game won’t do it right, and that they have no interest in playing in someone else’s IP universe… But that won’t last, as once said group starts showing off progress videos of what they are able to produce, the much wider audience that is longing for an experience like what Half Life offered will start getting on board.

And this won’t even have to be a crowd-funded project. The team could actually seek an exclusivity deal with Epic to release on the Epic Game Store, and receive a nice chunk of change which could quite possibly fund the development process. And if that team is serious about running an on-going, episodic series that can in fact count oh so much higher than three, then Epic would have a direct counter to Valve’s biggest IP. And that right there may in fact be what teaches Valve to count to three…