Religious zealots would have us believe that Science is the enemy of faith and that anything, no matter how scientifically provable that even remotely contradicts the Bible is wrong. They would have us ignore science as if it means nothing. Well I just have one question. If science is so wrong, why did God give humanity an insatiable curiosity and desire to learn about the physical universe we live in, and even more, the capacity to comprehend those discoveries?

Because I have embraced truths that science has revealed does not mean I have abandoned my belief in God or my faith in Jesus. No. In fact, as I learn more about what science reveals, suddenly God is a lot bigger to me than he ever was before. And He has always been pretty big.

I do not fear the truths that science reveals.

The Mailbag
“Do you poop less than 3 times a day? (You’re dying a slow death)”

I am serious. That was the subject of a random email I received this morning. Out of morbid curiosity, I opened it. All that was in it was a link that said “Click here for more info.”

Did I click there for more info?

I most certainly did not.

First of all, I am 44 years old. I don’t EVER remember pooping more than once per day, unless I was sick or ate something that messed my stomach up. And second, every single one of us is dying a slow death. It’s called the life cycle. From the moment we are born we begin the long arduous process of dying. And the number of times we poop per day is NOT going to change that fact. And finally, like I am going to click on some random link that will send me to God only knows where on the internet with God only knows what sort of malicious scripts are running in the background.

I did, however, report the Email as spam.

Random Comment
My dad and I went to lunch yesterday, and the restaurant we were at is next to a fast food joint that had a digital sign running ads. And one of the screens, now more than four months into 2017, said “Happy New Year!” followed by a screen that said, “Now Hiring Managers” Maybe the new manager(s) will be able to keep the electronic billboard updated. 😛