Still Going

Hello, everyone…

I just wanted to give a quick update on my writing. I have not abandoned my story. I’ve just been focused on other matters.

In addition to being a serialized fiction author, I am also an aspirant musician. I am in the process of building a digital audio production setup, which will serve my initial needs as I get started with that aspect of my creativity for this web site as a whole. I’ve got a clear plan in mind, but it requires time to research the different elements I need. This week, I will be ordering components for the computer I need to build. Once that is done, I will be able to begin producing my music. On my off days from work and at least one hour per work day, I will be able to focus equally on my stories and on my music, following a schedule accordingly. We’re looking at late February or early March.

“My Music” section added

As the title suggests, I have added a section to this web site which will be the home of my musical endeavors, from playing around with my soprano and alto recorders to my upcoming adventure in digital orchestra composition. You should be able to see the “My Music” link in the menu above, or under the menu option if you are using a smart phone or pad.