I Hate Writer’s Block

I have been and currently still am suffering from an extended case of Writer’s Block, which is why there have been no updates to “Regrowth” for quite some time. I hate it.

The good news is that in January, I’ve got a bunch of vacation days strung up in a row, and I intend to use them to get the story going again.

Thank you for visiting, and for your patience.

Still Going

Hello, everyone…

I just wanted to give a quick update on my writing. I have not abandoned my story. I’ve just been focused on other matters.

In addition to being a serialized fiction author, I am also an aspirant musician. I am in the process of building a digital audio production setup, which will serve my initial needs as I get started with that aspect of my creativity for this web site as a whole. I’ve got a clear plan in mind, but it requires time to research the different elements I need. This week, I will be ordering components for the computer I need to build. Once that is done, I will be able to begin producing my music. On my off days from work and at least one hour per work day, I will be able to focus equally on my stories and on my music, following a schedule accordingly. We’re looking at late February or early March.

The Story Continues…

Regrowth: The Chronicles of John Shaw – Volume II” continues with Chapter 4, entitled “A Call from Beyond.”

Sorry I haven’t delivered this chapter sooner. It’s a bit shorter than usual for this volume. It is my intention to deliver nothing less than 2500 words per chapter. That’s short in and of itself, but it’s a minimum standard I chose to adopt. This time, however, the event this chapter is meant to cover did not take that much to convey, and I sat there trying to figure out what I could tack on that would fit, and I ultimately couldn’t justify adding anything just to fill up space. So yes. this one is short. I have no doubt that there will be much longer chapters in the future to make up for it.

Thank you for visiting, and be blessed…

10/20/2015 – Web Site Goes Live with first two scenes

Hello, World!

The original plan was to launch this web site yesterday, but due to some back-end elements that still needed to be set up, and my work schedule as it was, a delay could not be avoided. But it is here now, with the first two scenes posted. What is a “scene,” you may ask? It is a segment of a chapter in my story. Chapters will be released every Friday, but I don’t make you wait an entire week to find out what happens next. If you wish to follow the story on a daily basis, then Monday through Friday, you will find a new scene published. That’s five scenes per week. On friday, those five scenes will be compiled into a chapter. So you have two ways to follow the story: daily or weekly. At the beginning of the year, a new volume of the story will begin.

Check out the Table of Contents or jump right into Scene 1 – “A Storm of Emotion.” After that, continue on to Scene 2 – “breakfast.”