Parking Officer ticketing a GREEN meter caught on ABC in San Diego.. CORRUPT!

Police is corrupted to such an extreme level that is now all the way down to parking tickets.

In this case, no. The cop did the right thing. The meter was red, meaning the car owner had not returned before the meter expired. That was the violation. It doesn’t matter if someone came along and put money in. The cop knew the meter had expired. The guy who put the money in ADMITTED that the meter had expired. This is what you and so many others here are conveniently ignoring in favor of your police corruption BS, THE FREAKING METER HAD EXPIRED. THE GOOD SAMARITAN KNEW IT AND SAID SO. THE COP KNEW IT. AND THANKS TO THE NEWS REPORT ON THIS, EVERYONE WHO SAW IT KNOWS IT. END OF FREAKING STORY.

Nobody likes getting a ticket. But we know when we’ve screwed up and earned one. Blaming the cops for issuing the tickets doesn’t make them the guilty party. If we screw up and get called on it, we need to own it. This is not to say that some cops don’t issue wrongful tickets. But this was not one of those times.

If I were to speed past a cop and he pulls out behind me and I go, “oh crap and then slow down to the speed limit, but he still turns his blue strobe lights on (Those things are freaking disorienting especially at night) and pulls me over, I still earned that ticket because I was speeding when I passed him and that’s all the justification he needs to write me a ticket. That I slowed down after seeing him doesn’t change the fact that I was speeding any more than the¬†someone feeding someone else’s meter after the cop saw it was expired should change the fact that the meter HAD expired.

Oh… But understanding this requires the use of logic and common sense. and we just cannot have any of that these days.