Aliens vs. Humanity

It has been a long-standing question as to whether or not there are other planets with intelligent life on them, and whether or not they have achieved the ability to visit other planets, including Earth.

Personally, I firmly believe that the answer to both of those questions is “yes.”

However, to be able to achieve such an accomplishment as trans-light travel would mean that the civilization involved has abandoned divisive philosophies such as racism, sexism, religious bigotry and the social stigmas that flow from them. They would be a unified people with their attention turned towards the heavens with a desire to find out what it “out there.” Furthermore, they will not be a civilization where corporations screw over their employees and their customers in the same move while smiling and lying and saying that the reasons for doing so are for the better.

Humans who believe in aliens from outer space wonder why they won’t respond to our attempts to say “Hello,” or why they won’t introduce themselves to us. The answer is simple. They are the grown-ups tackling bigger issues than we can even imaging, while we are the infants and toddlers kicking and screaming and throwing a tantrum anytime something doesn’t go according to our divisive dogma-driven self interests. They would be setting themselves back as a civilization by associating with us.

But why would they not see an opportunity to help us achieve what they have achieved? Come ON… In our divided civilization, do you really think that any help offered wouldn’t be taken by one group and turned against another for religious, political, racial or social reasons? You think they aren’t smart enough to know that? No… Before we are ready to become a voice in the cosmic chorus, we need to stop being a bunch of discordant screamers. And the intelligent aliens know they have to let us do so on our own before they formally approach us.

So long as one religion calls for the persecution of another; so long as one political party considers itself better than another; so long as one race considers itself to be superior to another; and so long as one social injustice views itself as more offended than another, we as a civilization will never be ready to relate to what is “out there.”

Now let’s look at it another way. If we cannot accept the diversity that exists in our own civilization, how can we even imagine that we would be able to accept the wider diversity that must exist “out there?” We look at the practices of other cultures and have difficulty accepting that they work in spite of being so different. What, you think that if we meet intelligent aliens that their culture will be a mirror image of one or more of ours? That their spiritual beliefs will reflect our own? That some of them might not have only two genders, or even two for that matter? lists these words as being synonymous with “alien”:

exotic, incongruous, unusual, conflicting, contrary, estranged, opposed, remote, separate, extraneous, extrinsic, inappropriate, and incompatible.

So if we cannot see these individually descriptive words applied to individuals of our own civilizations on THIS planet, how can we even comprehend the notion of being ready to encounter beings from a civization not of this earth?

We are so far from ready, that we might as well still be in the stone ages… Or maybe the dark ages… We want to pretend that we are all so smart, and yet when we permit ourselves to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, we realize that really, we are all so stupid.

But one good note. those aliens who are so smart and so enlightened probably went through the same garbage we are going through. But at some point, they realized the folly of it all and finally started to tear down walls and bridge the gaps. And once that happened, and all the social injustices of their worlds were resolved, they were ready to look to the stars and finally fly.

we can do that as well. But we need to collectively get over ourselves and start listening to each other.