Fan Fiction

I neither own nor claim any rights to the IPs in which I write fan fiction. In fact I have very little time to write fan fiction now, being more inclined to work on my own original stories, my music, and my games. I include these links here because I simply want to share all my work, and it’s already public on anyway. So… Here it is:

Star Trek: The Next Generation
The Greater of Two Evils – Q appears and offers to do something… Constructive… Picard sees an opportunity to fix a problem that Q is at least partly responsible for. But sometimes, when you try to fix something, you come face to face with the greater of two evils… Alternate Universe with TNG cast and Q – Work in Progress – On Hold

The Matrix
Deeper Than You Thought – “Take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you just how deep the rabbit hole goes.” That was the catch point of Morpheus’ usual monologue when freeing a mind. Just one problem. As deep as he had come to know it, the rabbit hole went far deeper still. – Work in Progress – On Hold

How To Train Your Dragon
Jarin and the Riders of Berk – Jarin is a junior trainer at the Berk Dragon Academy, but he possesses a natural talent with Monstrous Nightmares. When a near-fatally injured Nightmare washes ashore on one of Berk’s out-islands, he and the Riders of Berk manage to save it, but it must face a long road to recovery… a road which Jarin will gladly travel with it. – Completed.

Jarin and the Legacy of Nartara – Jarin, his Fiancé Tarina and the people of berk have enjoyed a season of peace and growth following Stoick the Vast’s escape from the clutches of Gelbrun the Mad, Chief of Nartara. But as is always the case, seasons change. – Completed.

Jarin and Tarina – The battle of Nartara has been won and it is time to rebuild. Many challenges may arise, but love and family will rise higher. – Work in Progress – On Hold

A Ripple in Time – Oscar Rodgers works a mediocre job and lives a mediocre life. But when he is invited to Iceland by his archaeologist cousin, he has no idea as to the adventure he is about to be drawn into. – Work in Progress – On Hold

God’s Not Dead
Radisson’s Homecoming – It all happened so fast. The car had struck him, a Christian man had ministered to him, and free of himself, he had accepted Jesus as his Savior. His life had ended and his eternity had begun. A one-shot story. – Completed

Any feedback you have concerning any of these stories can be provided in reviews for them, or on my Forum.