Announcement: Krytelore – Episode I – The Black Blade at the Edge of the World


It brings me great pleasure to announce that development of the first RPG Maker MV title that will be released here on has begun. It is the first episode in what is planned to be a series of stories set in the same world with recurring characters.

I am partnered with Allen Christian, who is writing the actual story elements and helping to brainstorm the development process. I take these elements and transition them to the actual game using the RPG Maker MV tools.

So what will the game be like? Imagine a cross between early final fantasy games and the first Legend of Zelda. Well. by design, RPG Maker MV is essentially the delivery mechanism for Final Fantasy clones, more or less. But the Legend of Zelda influence comes in the form of screen-by-screen progression through overworld and interior areas. As both Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy were my favorite games back in the day, I am very happy with this design decision as it successfully will merge elements of both.

Make no mistake. It is not the goal to make a Legend of Zelda or Final Fantasy game. The characters and story will be original. And I am looking forward to sharing them with you. But first, there is a lot of work to be done.

Here’s a work-in-progress screen shot: