RPG Maker MV Tutorial Playlist

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To actually play the results of Tutorials 2-7, click here. Be advised that this is not intended to be an actual game, but rather a showcase of what each of these tutorials teaches, and is included as reference material. This may not work on some browsers or mobile devices due to compatibility issues with RPG Maker MV itself and not due to any error or oversight on my part. If you cannot run it, try a different browser or device.

Tutorial 1 will soon be redone. I’m not satisfied with the end result and its sound quality is horrible.

Update History:

7/30/2017 – Added Tutorial #7 – It’s Complicated

7/23/2017 – Added Tutorial #6 – What Lies Beneath

7/16/2017 – Added Tutorial #5 – Climbing Down

7/15/2017 – Added Tutorial #4 – Burning Bushes

7/8/2017 – Added Tutorial #3 – Breaking Through

7/4/2017 – Added Tutorial #2 – Digging Up Secrets

7/2/2017 – Added Tutorial #1 – Lost Woods Style Puzzle

| RPG Maker MV || Tutorial Playlist |