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Hello everyone.

In addition to blogging, writing my stories, and playing my music, I am also developing a game using RPG Maker MV. This powerful game design tool is packed with all sorts of cool features right out of the virtual box, and there are countless additional features you can download to extend its functionality. If you have considered getting into the game development industry and are looking for an affordable entry point, then I strongly suggest buying this software. If you are worried about the learning curve involved, then look no further than YouTube for a massive number of tutorials explaining pretty much every aspect of the tool. If this is something that interests you, here is the playlist of SumRndmDde’s tutorial series for beginners. If you have purchased RPG Maker MV, you can follow along and gain a working knowledge of how to make a game with it.

Check out this awesome promotional video showcasing RPG Maker MV and its features:

The title of my RPG Maker MV game series is “Krytelore.” The working title of the first episode in the series is “The Black Blade at the Edge of the World.” Read the announcement article here.

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