My Music – Digital Orchestral Composition

What is Digital Orchestral composition?

Well, put simply, it is orchestral composition using digital instruments as opposed to a live orchestra. It is done using a computer built primarily around the focus of audio production and editing with enough memory, processing power and storage space to handle not only the projects themselves, but the digital instrument libraries that will be used, many of which are very high quality, the smallest consuming gigabytes of hard drive space, and the largest edging close to a full terabyte. And while a lot can be done with a single library, sometimes to get the precise sound you are looking for requires multiple libraries.

Don’t get me wrong. Nothing will ever replace a live orchestra’s performance. However, a digital orchestra allows for real time playback of the composition and depending on the quality of the digital instrument libraries being used, can serve as an excellent proof of work for the client the music is being written for. If satisfied, then a live orchestra and a recording studio can be booked to produce the final product. Unless the client is satisfied with the digital production, in which case it can save them some money.

So what sort of results am I shooting for? Well, check out this YouTube video by Parademics for an example of the type of music production I hope to achieve:

I neither own nor claim any rights to the content of this video.

I have chosen Cubase Pro 9.5 as my Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), have prepared the room serving as my studio, and have purchased all the parts I need to build the computer, which I am affectionately calling my Music Monster. This has been neither cheap nor quick. I’ve spent more than a year researching and buying what I need, But I am almost ready to get it all put together. In the end, the time and money spent will be very much worth it. Those who know me know how much music has always been a central element in my life.  Music has given me a lot, and now I want to give something back.