This section of my website is where my public musical endeavors are presented.

I have thrown myself into the creative realm of digital orchestral composition. It’s not a cheap endeavor to undertake. At this juncture I have built a monster of a computer designed with overkill in mind in order to maximize workflow without the need of a master/slave setup. For those unfamiliar with that terminology, it is a setup that requires multiple “slave” computers networked to a “master” computer. The master computer typically runs the digital audio workstation software, and sends out instructions to the slave computers which do all the heavy processing of the digital instrument libraries. The end result is output back to the master computer in audio form.

The system I built has enough processing power to handle the data by itself. I’ve got a 1TB Hard Drive for operating system and mission-critical software. I’ve got a 4TB Hard Drive for data storage and non-mission-critical software installations. I’ve got two 2TB Solid State Drive for lightning-fast loading of the extremely high quality digital instrument libraries. I have 64GB of RAM installed on a motherboard capable of supporting 128GB. Most Digital Music composer recommend 32GB. But I wanted to build my system with

I decided on Cubase Pro as my Digital Audio Workstation software.

I started out using a Yamaha DGX 660 keyboard as my instrument audio source. Its sound quality is quite good, in my opinion. A computer crash I endured motivated me to build the system I am currently using and go ahead and graduate to full digital orchestra composition.

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Meet my new keyboard

Over the past several years I have been teaching myself to play the recorder. I own both a soprano and an alto recorder and as the fingering of the notes is the same between them, I am equally skilled with both. Recently, my sister bought me an Irish tin whistle which I am also learning to play.

A few years ago, I uploaded two videos of me playing the soprano recorder to YouTube. Here are the links:

“The Minsrel Boy” played on the recorder

 Intro to “Hymn to the Sea” from Titanic played on the Recorder