This section of my website is where my musical endeavors will be explored.

I am throwing myself into the creative realm of digital orchestral composition. It’s not a cheap endeavor to undertake. At this juncture I have decided to take an atypical road as a way to get started within my budget but still be able to deliver quality results. Eventually I will have a DAW setup built around Logic Pro X which will likely mean a transition to using Mac as opposed to a windows PC setup. I’m all about learning new things, and many industry professionals rely on the Mac for their work. And if I am going to do this, I am not going to cut corners just for the sake of not having to learn to use a Mac.

To start with, I’m building a PC with audio production in mind, and am using a Yamaha DGX 660 keyboard as my instrument audio source. It won’t allow some of the audio dynamics available through some of the sound libraries that are out there, but the sound quality of the DGX 660 is good enough in my opinion to get me started on my journey. If you are interested, here are my journal entries for this little adventure:


Producing Amazing Grace

Updated on 1/6/2018

More Delays

Digital Bagpipes

I’m Creating a Monster!

 The Parts are Ordered

 Aspiring Musician
Updated on 1/27/2018

Meet my new keyboard

Over the past several years I have been teaching myself to play the recorder. I own both a soprano and an alto recorder and as the fingering of the notes is the same between them, I am equally skilled with both. Recently, my sister bought me an Irish tin whistle which I am also learning to play.

A few years ago, I uploaded two videos of me playing the soprano recorder to YouTube. Here are the links:

“The Minsrel Boy” played on the recorder

 Intro to “Hymn to the Sea” from Titanic played on the Recorder