A Dark Path – Music for “The Black Blade at the Edge of the World”

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Dungeons, Ruins and other dark paths await discovery and exploration. This piece of music consists of low strings, tubular bells, Piano, Harp and Pipe Organ with some minor percussive movements for added mood. Intended to convey unease and slight tension as the player explores the darker places in the game.

The Black Blade at the Edge of the World is the first chapter in a multi-chapter story being produce in RPG Maker MV, co-written by Gregory B Jackson and Allen Christian. Music produced using a Yamaha DGX-660 and Audacity. Background image listed in Google Images as being authorized for reuse with modifications.

As this piece was being written, I was sharing the following playlist of my progress in composing and producing it:

I am now working on the next piece for the Black Blade soundtrack called “A Battle in the Dark” which is intended to be used as combat music in areas using the Dark Path theme.

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