Aspiring Musician

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This article is now out of date. It remains to avoid broken links

With my actual digital orchestration projects under way, with content being released, I can now call myself a musician, not just an aspiring one, and the title of the web site now reflects that.


Look at the title of this web site. Gregory B. Jackson: Serialized Fiction Author, Aspiring Musician, Armchair Game Developer and Opinionated Cyber-commentator. So what does it mean by “Aspiring” Musician?

Quite simply, it means that while I can play and read music, I will not consider myself to be a true musician until I have written and released my own work. That is why I am about to embark on my journey as a digital orchestra composer. The keyboard I recently purchased is the first step towards that goal. The second step will be to build the computer I will be using to create the orchestral arrangements, and that step will be taken very soon. If everything works the way it should, the third step, actually beginning the writing of my first original piece of music, will be taken between the end of February and the end of March. Before that, I will be learning the software, and I am considering practicing by doing at least one cover arrangement of a recognizable piece of music. Not sure which piece that will be, but if I go that route, It will be found on this web site.

Once my first original piece is completed and released, the word “aspiring” will no longer precede “Musician” in the web site title.

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