The Parts are Ordered

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I have ordered the parts for the computer I am going to build for my music composition. I should have them in a few days. Once I build the computer and make sure everything is working correctly, I’ll buy the Digital Audio Workstation software I plan to use, and then I’ll be getting started.

The first composition I will be doing is my own arrangement of Amazing Grace. I can already hear a lot of it in my head after having played around with my Yamaha DGX-660. It will just be a matter of mixing it all together, and then I will no longer be just an “Aspirant” musician.

I have a friend who is also a writer and game developer and I’ll be putting together a music demo for her as a possible lead-in to composing some of her game’s soundtrack. More on that if something develops from it. The point is I am not going to be wasting time once I get started with this.

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