For a while now, my internet connection has been up and down – mostly down. And when it has been up, it’s been slower than a frozen snail. So I have not been able to make regular updates to grebjac.com.

Game Development / YouTube Videos:
During the downtime, I have produced three more tutorial videos for RPG Maker MV. Here they are:

Enough, Already!

Okay… I get it that Chrome is Google’s web browser, and they want as many people to use it as possible. I use it on occasion when my main browser bugs out on some sites. But for crying out loud, how many times do I have to click “No Thanks,” on the popup whenever I pull up Google? It can remember everything else I choose. As if I am going to change my mind after already saying “no” umpty-zillion times.

Enough already!

I don’t want to set your browser as my main. Get over it!