Site now live!

After a lengthy process of decision-making and research, and finally implementation, the new WordPress-powered web site is now live. The old version is still active as well, but once I have updated all the links in older announcements, it will be deleted.

This home page of the new site is now also my blog, and will contain more than just announcements about my stories. My facebook “Author” page will stick to doing that, but this web site is intended to allow me to branch out as desired and not limit myself to just one thing, though writing my stories is a top priority.

If you are new here, and are looking to get caught up on my stories, Here are the links to the first chapter in each:


One Tamriel is what we wanted from the beginning!

It’s ironic… What ESO has become since launch is what many in the community were SCREAMING at the devs long before launch that it should be. The only kudos I will give them is for recognizing that we were right. I will not give the kudos as if this was just some wonderful idea they came up with. Pride led them to launch with a game purchase plus a subscription, when the rest of the industry had moved on to alternative monetization options. We warned them of that, and they did it anyway. Now there is no mandatory subscription. We were proven right. Pride led them to sticking to their vision of a divided player community with locked content based on factions, where the only interaction with other factioned characters was PvP in one isolated (albeit large) zone. Now the barriers are dropped and the community is fully able to experience the game together if desired. Again, we were proven right. How much better received might ESO have been at launch had they actually listened to us, as the very ones who would be playing the game and knew full well what sort of experience we were after?

Final conversion to WordPress

I am now in the final stages of the conversion process. It has taken me way longer than I had planned, because originally I was going to do a custom theme and a bunch of other high-end tweaks to the way WordPress works, but as this involves essentially relearning how to code web sites, with a lot of research on the best methods to use, I have decided to just go with a pre-existing theme that already has everything in place. Now I have not abandoned my plan to use a custom theme. But it is more important right now to just get the site up and running so I can get back to writing. So that’s where things stand now. Next step is to get all my existing chapters moved over to the new format.

From this point on, I am not going to be mentioning dates in terms of when to expect updates. If you are following me on Facebook, then when I update, you will know. I work a full-time job that involves staring at a computer screen all day. When I get home, I am ready to unplug. The beauty of the new setup for this site is that I can work on content from anywhere and at any time, whereas before I was set up to be able to write content in Open Office, Save it to a thumb drive, and then convert it to HTML at home and upload it to the site.

The choice to go with WordPress removes a lot of steps to the process, which will make things a lot easier for me, but still will not guarantee how often new content will be posted. That’s going to be based on how busy my workday is and whether or not I have time to update when I’m waiting for calls to come in, and whether or not looking at the screen when I get home gives me a headache. On my days off, I will just have to get up off my proverbial butt and write. It’s just that simple.

Well, this update is practically turning into a novel, so I’ll leave it here for now.

It won’t be long now…

I am in the process of converting this website into a WordPress site. The current format is only temporary while I iron out the new layout. If you are seeing this part of the site, please excuse all the dust and debris. It is a work in progress. When I am satisfied with how everything looks, and once I move the entirety of my content here, the old site will go away.

Be advised that any links in the older entries below may not work correctly. Like I said, this is a work in progress.

Thank you for stopping by.

3/18/2016 – What I’m Working On

I am currently writing REGROWTH: The Chronicles of John Shaw – Volume II. In addition to that, I am also recording audio content for a forthcoming blog section on this web site. is my little corner of the Internet, and I plan to use it to express myself in a variety of ways, including but not limited to storytelling. More on that in future updates.

I will soon be updating the support page of this web site to reference the Patreon campaign I’m about to launch.