3/18/2016 – What I’m Working On

I am currently writing REGROWTH: The Chronicles of John Shaw – Volume II. In addition to that, I am also recording audio content for a forthcoming blog section on this web site. GreBJac.com is my little corner of the Internet, and I plan to use it to express myself in a variety of ways, including but not limited to storytelling. More on that in future updates.

I will soon be updating the support page of this web site to reference the Patreon campaign I’m about to launch.

10/21/2015 – Facebook Page created

Please visit and like my Facebook page dedicated to this web site and receive notifications whenever new content is added. And please, share it with your friends. Also, use this to post feedback. I will use the facebook account to respond to questions/comments/issues. Please do not ask about plot information. The answer to any plot-related questions I may receive will always be the same, in the immortal words of my favorite author, Robert Jordan: RAFO, aka “Read And Find Out.”

10/20/2015 – Web Site Goes Live with first two scenes

Hello, World!

The original plan was to launch this web site yesterday, but due to some back-end elements that still needed to be set up, and my work schedule as it was, a delay could not be avoided. But it is here now, with the first two scenes posted. What is a “scene,” you may ask? It is a segment of a chapter in my story. Chapters will be released every Friday, but I don’t make you wait an entire week to find out what happens next. If you wish to follow the story on a daily basis, then Monday through Friday, you will find a new scene published. That’s five scenes per week. On friday, those five scenes will be compiled into a chapter. So you have two ways to follow the story: daily or weekly. At the beginning of the year, a new volume of the story will begin.

Check out the Table of Contents or jump right into Scene 1 – “A Storm of Emotion.” After that, continue on to Scene 2 – “breakfast.”