We are producing a game using RPG Maker MV which will be released in multiple chapters. Every element we include in the story will be fleshed out in this section from a lore standpoint. Characters. Locations. Items. Everything. Entries in this section will be linked to from within the game – COMING SOON


John Shaw is a teen-ager about to start his Senior Year in high school. The events following the untimely death of his father will set him on a path that will lead to something that, if it happened to anyone other than him, he would not believe to be possible. – COMPLETED


John Shaw’s helecopter was shot down as he was helping rescue prisoners of war behind enemy lines. Now he has awakened in a hospital room that looks very technologically advanced, and the first person he sees is a man he knew to have died almost a year ago… His father. – ON INDEFINATE HOLD

In addition to my original stories, I have also written a little bit of fan fiction.